Automate leave management to increase visibility and productivity while minimizing risk

Our leave management module gives you comprehensive leave of absence management capabilities, allowing you to automate the enforcement and tracking of federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies and requirements for a variety of qualified leave types, including illness, injury, disability, bereavement, military, jury duty, maternity/paternity, child/elderly care, and labor disputes. With electronic, automated administration of leave eligibility and requirements, compliance with federal and state laws is easier, errors from human intervention and manual processes are reduced, and new rules and regulations are automatically updated as legislation changes. You can minimize the risk of costly litigation and employee grievances with accurate, consistent leave of absence management.

Solution Benefits

Provide HR administrators with complete automation, accurate data, and comprehensive visibility when tracking and managing employee leave. Determining employee leave availability and eligibility takes one click, while leave frequency and duration tracking is fully automated to streamline and manage processes.

Get the tools you need to prevent ineligible or unauthorized time off and ensure employees return on time. Leave cases are carefully and automatically tracked for time and eligibility in every leave case, with built-in notifications that allow managers to control the potentially high cost of absence.

Ensure that policies are enforced consistently and accurately across the entire organization. Fair, impartial application of rules and policies not only boosts employee morale, but can also have a positive influence on employee behavior.