Time and Labor Management
For Employees
  • Punch In/Out with GPS Coordinates
  • "Check Distance" Geofencing for Punch Location
  • Offline Punch
  • View Accrual Balances
  • Request Time Off
  • View Timesheet
  • Change Cost Centers/Labor Transfer
  • View Schedule
For Managers
  • Set Up Cost Centers
  • See Who Is In/Out
  • Approve Time Off Requests
For Employees
  • Review Pay Statements
  • View Total Earned Amount and Deductions from Paychecks
For Managers
  • View Employee Lists
  • View Employee Pay Statements
Human Resources
For Employees
  • View Employee Profile
  • View Checklists to Aid with Onboarding
For Managers
  • View Employee Checklists
  • View Employee Information
  • View Employee Profile

By 2014, close to 90 percent of corporations will be using a workplace application with mobile device integration.2

2Micah Fairchild, "5 Must-Haves for a Mobile Workforce Management Software Solution," HRlab.com, source.

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